Ions due to Ephesus by "Neopolis" with name of the city center very close to that now at the Cape of Ophiuchus to have been established Kuşadası, BC V.Persians in the early centuries of sovereignty, BC 64 years later the Romans and Byzantines have dominated past.

Medieval Venice and Genoese in here "Scalanova" (New Quay) gave the name. 1 In 1413 Conquest by Ottomans was Mehmet Çelebi time and many In the bird's nest Pigeon Island 'or on behalf Kusadasi named after the God.

Kusadasi town in 1865 was, 1957 until the year after that date in the Aydin Province of Izmir is connected to. County on the shores of the Aegean Sea known as the Gulf Kusadasi on hillside to the south were established and the narrowing in the form of enhanced time was half a crescent.

Aydin Province in the west of the town, a parish in the east Partners, the southest and north of Soke was surrounded by Selcuk.

Height is 5 meters above sea level. County to the east of the central mountain Calafat Pilaf with mountains. In the west are Church of the mountains. Some are small asphalt plain to the right of the Soke overlooking the sea and land plains obtusa.