Guzelcamli is only 25 km away from the commercial and entertainment center of Kusadasi.

Izmir airport is 85km and the ancient site of ephesus 40 km.

An oksygen tank, the national park on the outskirts of the forest is recommended for those who have asthma.

There are two large therapetic centres that are only 7 km away.

On the opposite side of the sea lies our neigbour Greek Island of Samos.

Guzelcamli with population of 5000. It was an ancient Ionien centre known as Panionya.

There are some unexplored archaelogical sites and the caves of Zeus that have not been explored by many tourists.

Guzelcamli is a typical Turkish village where you can see the cows and sheep grazzing with the shepherd.

The donkey are still being used for transport and haulage